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Call for HS/College Interns on New Web Show – The Lemon Lounge

Set to debut during The Hollywood Fringe Festival in June, The Lemon Lounge is a webcast program featuring local artists, variety BillyLemonHeadFringe-100x100segments, interviews and curated selections by “Outreach Nerd” Cindy Marie Jenkins and guests every week. It aims to provide audiences who typically don’t attend Fringe with a jumping off point of what to check out and who to see, with an eye towards extending the show to all of Los Angeles post-Fringe. The Lemon Lounge will be streamed on YouTube and archived on the Bitter-Lemons website.

We are looking for people to assist with pre-production, production and social media. E-mail lemonlounge@bitter-lemons.com with a short cover letter and resume telling us why you want to be on our team.

Specifically (You can combine any of these):

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: 1 hour each week that you can touch base and start training (starting whenever you’re available) . Training by me, Cindy.
  • PRODUCTION: We will need it most on Sundays 9:30am-1pm.
  • PRE-PRODUCTION & PRODUCING assistance is needed as well.
  • CORRESPONDENT: If you want to see shows for free and make short videos about which ones you suggest, we will arrange those tickets for you.

Training provided as needed.

We’re looking for interns in a range of skills to help us make this production come to life. As an intern we want you to have ownership of your end of the project. We are excited to work with you and have you learn more about what it takes to work in web production and theatre worlds. This is a new and flexible process with an opportunity for creative input with the right team. We’re looking for Interns and staff to join us for college and/or production credit (depending on your institution’s guidelines) beginning in May.

Read more about ‪why I created The Lemon Lounge.

Please send questions to LemonLounge@bitter-lemons.com


#LemonLoungeLA on 



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