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Catch up with Comic-Con

If you’re like me, the idea of SDCC sounds like fun, but researching the realities – never mind the first hurdle of getting a ticket – makes it clear that the trouble isn’t worth it (to me). I enjoy smaller Cons, but I’ll leave SDCC to the pros. They’re the only ones who can get in, anyway. At least that’s how it feels. My friend and go-to for comics questions Corey Blake has an entirely different experience, however.

do want to keep up with it, though. So here’s a smattering of my favorite write-ups from last week:

Pop Goes Teresa at Comic-Con on Beacon – Teresa writes mostly about the experience of attending, the highs and lows and swag. She combines industry knowledge with unabashed fandom when applcable.

Pike and Trident: Social Analysis of Comic-Con – Anyone who blogs real events in character has my attention. Makes those characters Pike and Trident, time-traveling swashbuckling museum curators, and I await their daily logs with vigor. I also find myself genuinely using the word “vigor.”

Hands down my favorite singular segment to come out of last weekend. Dr. Andrea Letamendi Interview: Batman Writer Scott Snyder on Villain Psychology “Monsters can be scary and they’re great, but they’re only really scary when they’re reflections of us and they show you the things you’re scared of might be true about your own nature.”

Next, I’ll find the videos from panels I would attend if I were there.


Indie YA fantasy fiction: Spera

Spera, Volume 1Spera, Volume 1 by Josh Tierney

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I bought this book on a whim at Wondercon last year, and am very glad the saleperson convinced me that two volumes were a better deal than one. A series of adventure stories with two princesses (one of whom is a pretty great warrior), fire spirit and eventually a pirate cat, each chapter is illustrated by someone different. Besides making every turn of the page a new adventure of its own, this caused me to continue looking at the characters in literally a new way. It’s almost like you can really see them changing because of their journey.

Volume 2 already sits by my bedside.

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