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Marketing Fails & Immersive Ethics

A few weeks ago, I received an ominous text in the middle of the night:


Needless to say, I was freaked out. Read the full story on No Proscenium to hear how an immersive marketing scheme backfired big time.

Then head on over to Story Forward, a fantastic podcast I just discovered. Noah J. Nelson of No Pro is on a panel discussing the ethics of immersive experiences. Whether you approach it as an audience member or creator, this is a great listen.

If you’re interested in knowing about immersive productions, escape rooms, etc in your area, here’s where to find NoPro. There’s an expansion to other cities in the works:

Email: no_proscenium@outlook.com (send announcements & tips)
Twitter: @noproscenium (look for between issue updates) 
Facebook: No Proscenium Page (Issue Archives for All Regions)
Medium: The No Proscenium Collection (Reviews and Essays)
Podcast: iTunes and RSS 
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New subscriber sign-up: noproscenium.com

#ChanceItLA – our Picks for Hollywood Fringe Festival 2015

Coverage of 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival
Hosted by Cindy Marie Jenkins ( @cindymariej ) as part of @SeeItorSkipItLA

More info at http://www.seeitorskiptitla.com &

Correspondent Guests:
Sara Fenton (@Fentonova)
Lemuel H. Thornton III (@Lemwerks)
Madeline Rosenstein (@mfrosens)

Shows to #ChanceItLA (click on title for websites):


Four Clowns Presents The Halfwits’ Last Hurrah


*Jason and Medea

*Getting to Know You

*Hamlet Mobile



*Tiananmen Annie

*The Three Musketeerers: Clowns with Swords

*Skanky Me from Kankakee


*The Blacks a Clown Show (Cindy note: in their Fringe profile page, they claim to be “remounting America’s longest running off-Broadway play”. I think they mean “revive,” not “remount,” as the original off-Broadway production opened in 1961 and this company didn’t produce it. This may have no bearing on their ability to produce a fine piece of art, but a mistake like that does make me hesitate and I personally won’t be prioritizing it. I saw this on their page after we recorded the podcast.)

*5 Sirens Beware of Rocks

*The Devil You Say




*The Voyage of Odysseus

*The Snail

*Romeo & Juliet: An ASL Love Story



Why Water Falls

50 Shades of Shrew

Marry me a Little (Cindy note – Probably only interesting for Sondheim lovers)

It’s the Prom 

Two Girls, One Bard 


Wombat Man

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Timeheart by Robot Teammate & Accidental Party

Alien vs Musical

Catherine: Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey in Today’s LA 

Other Correspondents:
Kat Michels (@fictionoftruth)
Courtney Ann Buchan (@CourtneyABuchan)

Sponsored by Theatre Asylum (@TheatreAsylum)

#FundingFriday : Podcasts & Light Art

Paint the Town Red 2013 & Hello,Sweetie! Podcast


Fri at NoonPT/3ET

Hello, Sweetie!

While we tackle technical difficulties (finding wifi in a storm), read about Aron’s Interactive Light Show below!

Hello,Sweetie! Podcast wants to take our all-female geek-themed podcast to comic cons to expand our audience and our mission to empower female geeks everywhere! Find out more here.

Also this week, Aron tells us about his project:

Third Thursday 1Interactive Light Art — Paint the Town Red 2013

CMJ: Can you explain your project in one sentence?
 AA: This is a visual experience bringing large-scale light art to the hands and creative minds of ordinary people, inviting the audience to become and create the spectacle of the installation.
CMJ: Why are you bringing this to your hometown and what do you hope to unleash?
AA:  I’ve been following Paint the Town Red for several years and have been very excited at the amazing art it has consistently brought to Birmingham. I left Alabama to learn and discover new things, and am really excited to return and give back to the community that so deeply influenced my artistic roots. I’m really looking forward to seeing the spirit of the community emerge from the works they’ll create in light on the brick of downtown Birmingham.
CMJ: How does this project fit into your overall art & life goals?Laser Graffiti 2
AA: I’ve always been fascinated and obsessed with light as a medium — I was trained very early on by my photographer father to see and feel light, and ever since it’s been a constant for me. This takes that to a new level, creating works of art from pixels and projections. I love the idea of completely breaking down the traditional “fourth wall” of performance art and turning the whole thing on its head so that the audience becomes the performance. Working with interactive art and technology like this, that’s what it’s all about.
CMJ: What’s the coolest perk you’re offering: the one you would choose if you could!

AA: Personally, I would go for the perk where you get to choose a facial hair style for me to sport. I’d get a few people together and come up with some crazy tye-dyed fu manchu idea. Aside from that one, the behind the scenes short should be pretty cool too!


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