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53rd Annual LA County Holiday Celebration

Yesterday I was invited to the dress rehearsal for the LA County’s 53rd Annual Holiday Celebration. More extensive coverage between now and December 24th on Arts4Families & Bitter Lemons, but here is a sneak peek via tweets!

  1. LACountyArts
    Thanks!RT@experiencela: MUST-SEE VIDEO: Jingle Bell Rock Holiday Celebration Lip Dub from @LACountyArts #HCLA #LA # t.co/RFtefrQY
  2. SteveLozier
    At the Holiday Celebration’s Rehearsal. In this vid Adam Davis explains how the day will work. #HCLA yfrog.us/17htqmrzitnostceix…
  3. Invertigo Dance Comp rehearses their celebration of sunny weather #HCLA @ Dorothy Chandler Pavilion http://instagr.am/p/StFT3_mjg1/
  4. Vox Femina LA giving me chills with their rendition of carols. #HCLA @ Dorothy Chandler Pavilion http://instagr.am/p/StF6B7mjhT/
  5. cindymariej
    With almost 20 separate groups performing, today is for everyone to see how they fit together #HCLA
  6. In my very professional opinion, big band is sexy #HCLA @ Dorothy Chandler Pavilion http://instagr.am/p/StH4S5GjjV/
  7. LACountyArts
    Full circle!RT@kamellatate: A living #arts ecosystem at work:Grading @CGUNews #ARMGT359 papers following #HCLA rehearsals @MusicCenterLA.
  8. cindymariej
    Mix of Aztec and Spanish Early Music. Just learned Aztecs couldn’t say the sound “Ooh.” #HCLA
  9. Palmdale HS Choral Union – I did not expect the angelic sounds coming out of these teens #HCLA http://instagr.am/p/StO7YjGjq2/
  10. cindymariej
    OK, you should all go to #HCLA just to see Palmdale HS Choir Union. I am kind of Scroogey & now in holiday spirit. #LAthtr
  11. Want to hear/see behind scenes of 53rd Annual @LACountyArts Holiday Celebration? Follow #HCLA – so cool! #LAfamilies http://pic.twitter.com/ZGDEDWlp
  12. Correction: this is La Cafeteras, not La Capateras ! Great music for #HCLA http://pic.twitter.com/WxWoptAm
  13. Mariachi Sol de Mexico chill my spine with O Holy Night #HCLA @ Dorothy Chandler Pavilion http://instagr.am/p/StSY4IGjvT/
  14. cindymariej
    Producer Adam Sharp had a moment when he walked into The Colburn School Choir “I can see you all growing up on the #HCLA show every year”
  15. The girls from Colburn School perked up when red vs white shirts suggested, so that’s their color! #HCLA http://instagr.am/p/StT3Q5GjhA/
  16. Maya from Colburn School choir has the best shirt! #HCLA #doctorwho @ Dorothy Chandler Pavilion http://instagr.am/p/StUL94GjhT/
  17. @jouyssance has a unique sound combining #Aztec and early #Spanish music. #HCLA http://pic.twitter.com/WV3EkGyn
  18. cindymariej
    More on #HCLA & where I will post write up of today- 53rd @LACountyArts Holiday Celebration wp.me/p2UMEz-d via @OutreachNerd
  19. stefissimo
    Back from a great run-through for the 53rd Annual L.A. COUNTY HOLIDAY CELEBRATION! #HCLA youtu.be/9BxMG8yfScY
  20. RT if you’re dreaming of a “White Christmas” South Bay Children’s Choir is #HCLA http://pic.twitter.com/0dCbiTkQ
  21. Correction: this is Harmonic Bronze Handbell Ensemble with beautiful songs #HCLA http://instagr.am/p/StkR8xmjkh/
  22. Angels we have heard on high appropriate for these angelic voices from Immac Heart of Mary #HCLA http://instagr.am/p/StlcgUmjmK/
  23. It’s Christmas time in New Orleans with Vaud & the Villains #HCLA http://instagr.am/p/StnT_iAhAc/
  24. Family Life Center Sanctuary Choir serenades us w/ “Emanuel” #HCLA http://instagr.am/p/StpMNPGjq5/
  25. cindymariej
    “What we want to do, is we want to tear the house down in less than 5 min” – Laura Zucker @LACountyArts #HCLA
  26. It’s a #handbell orchestra! Don’t need those tables. Harmonic Bronze innovates. #HCLA http://pic.twitter.com/bKfM9Hqa
  27. cindymariej
    Pacific Dance Company just wowed us all with their performance. Couldn’t capture decent pics w/ phone but from camera later #HCLA
  28. LACountyArts
    @PacificoDance wows with dance from Oaxaca. Producer @lazucker : “This is my new favorite piece.” #HCLA
  29. cindymariej
    Heard that people line up on Christmas Eve to get their favorite seats to #HCLA . It’s also televised, broadcast and live streamed
  30. Shakti Dance preps for their piece. Magnificent colors. #HCLA only 2 more groups to go http://pic.twitter.com/JuddQ0Y0
  31. kimglann
    With their amazing voices & passion, even a nonbeliever like me gets goosebumps listening to Spirit Chorale of LA. #HCLA
  32. Shakti Dance Company with a wonderful piece for #HCLA ! They’re at beginning of video I’ll share soon too. http://instagr.am/p/Stx4c_mjlW/
  33. LACountyArts
    Rehearsal ends with Second Samoan Cong Ch Choir. Ty to all 20 groups and @cindymariej for tweeting about us all day #HCLA

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