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Indie Art: Not Your Undergrad Production of “The Maids”

A friend of mine’s been working on her own adaptation of The Papin Sisters story, better known as the sisters in Jean Genet’s The Maids who [spoiler alert] end up killing their mistress.

But this looks to be an entirely different production…….I’ve seen Naomi’s past work, and admire her imagination, story-telling and ensemble work. As an added bonus, all the ticket sales go directly to her actors and team, some of whom have been workingon this show since January.

Here’s a taste:

Our New (Acro)Door from Diavolo: Architecture in Motion

As you may have notice in our pictures and videos over the last couple days, we have a new door!  But not just any door, this one comes to us courtesy ofDiavolo: Architecture in Motion and is fully equipped to handle the acrobatics and high-flying skills of our ensemble!

though some people still tend to doze off on from time to time…

But in the end, we just end up hanging out.

All in all, our ensemble and production team have been working tirelessly to get ready for our opening night.  So, if you are in the L.A. area, and haven’t got your tickets yet – seating is very limited!

Tickets are available here: http://holdmetight.bpt.me

And if you have a moment to help spread the word, shares, tweets, and emails are greatly appreciated as we push through the last couple days of our fundraiser.Cheers!

Hold Me Tight ensemble

Visit the ‘‘Hold Me Tight’ an MFA Thesis Project’ campaign.

Funding Friday Fringe Edition!

Friday May 3


Live Broadcast

Funding Friday: Fringe Edition!

ringe freaks

Guests include: Fund-raising Consultant Michael Kass

Lily Mercer & Allie Costa: Before a Fall

Danielle Ozymandias: The Other F Word

Matthew Hill: Jason ❤ Medea, a fresh look at an ancient love story

Have questions about crowd-funding, fund-raising or the Fringe? Ask in the comments below or tweet to @CindyMarieJ

Funding Friday: The Indy Covergence

Fri NoonPT/3pmET

The Indy Convergence IndieGogo

Indy Convergence brings artists together to collaborate and take bold steps in their work in an intense two-week residency program in Indianapolis, IN.

The Indy Convergence connects and empowers professional artists of all disciplines through meaningful residencies where artists postercreate new work, collaborate across genres and teach community workshops.

What does that really mean? Each year we choose 12 outstanding professioanl arists to join us in Indianapolis at the Wheeler Arts Community theater in Fountain Square for two weeks. While we’re all there, each artist is given eight and only eight hours of rehearsal to develop a new project with the idea of saying “yes” to themselves.

Each participant also leads a workshop in their area of expertise- everyone must attend each workshop. That means we have dancers singing, directors acting, muscians making puppets and designers writing poems. The wonderful part about these workshops is that they are FREE to anyone who wants to attend. Check out our schedule of workshop in April on our website.

Finally, eveyone who participates in an Indy Convergence residency works on the “Umbrella Project”. No, it’s not about umbrellas. This project is the core of the Indy Convergence mission- to get artists from different backgrounds working successfully together to create something meaningful- not just art for other artists of a certain field.
We hope you’ll join us this year in Fountain Square. There are a bunch of new restaruants opening up down there too. So make it a day and join us for a workshop or our informal Open Lab Performance on June 1, 2013. But, first, for all this to happen we need you to help us reach our goal. Donate now!

The Money Business:

What does your donaiton does….physically in the space once we’ve retrived it from the bank.

$20 will make copies for a new play being presented at Indy Convergence.

$50 covers the cost of one speicalized lighting instrument rental.

$100 will sponsor a workshop that teaches people about how to use  Improvisation in any arts field….or life in general.

$136 covers the cost of one month at our storage unit, so all the things we buy for people can be re-used in a different project next year. Check out how we re-use materials here.

$250 will cover our costs of an entire day at Indy Convergence including gas for transporting participants, space rental, and much needed coffee.

$350 sponsors an entire project. This includes addition space rental, building materials, special props and again… much needed coffee to get those creative juices flowing.

$1,000 will cover most of our administrative costs for the behind the scenes work the staff works on before the big event.

$1,500  covers the theater rental costs for the entire residency….and again, the extra coffee.

No Cash? No Problem!

There are plenty of other ways you can help Indy Convergence reach our $4,500 goal. Do you:

  • Know a blogger who would want to write about us?
  • Know a business owner who could sponsor a program?
  • Have excellent fine motor skills for hanging posters?
  • Want to house an artist?
  • Donate a meal or materials for a project?

If you have any of these or any other unique skills you’d like to donate get in touch with us. And the BEST thing you can do to help is SHARE this like a bad rumor! Contactcaitlin@indyconvergence.org if you have a talent or time you are able to donate.

Tree of Fire [Funding Fridays]

A late Funding Fridays, but The Roots and Wings Project and I tried to schedule something earlier and I dropped the ball. They are now in their last 14 hours of fund-raising and I’d love to give them an extra push.

True Art for Social Good, not just directly but in sharing stories often hidden from sight.

Their indiegogo campaign. If you miss the deadline, there is also a link to donate directly.

20121013224905-TREE_OF_FIRE_Image_no_textTREE OF FIRE 

When a Magnolia tree catches fire in an aged and ominous women’s prison, three female inmates forgotten and left to perish are jolted as their lives are threatened, into memories of their past that inform the truth of their souls and the urgent need to expose the inhumanity of the prison to the world.

Tree of Fire has a rich history with staged readings, excerpt performances and fund raisers at UCLA, Lincoln Heights Jail, Theatre of Note, and S.P.A.R.C. at the Old Jail in Venice. The play was written to be performed in abandoned prisons. We were challenged with the extreme bureaucracy that is housed in these site-specific venues.  The Roots and Wings Project realized the story was being held back. In order to get it told, a collective decision was made to find a new kind home for the play. We now have a home at Inner City Arts’ The Rosenthal Theater opening International Women’s Day 2013. We are raising the funds to mount the play into full production.

By supporting Tree of Fire,  you are a part of giving voice to a timely play that raises critical conversation about gender, race, and the Prison Industrial Complex.  Bringing this piece to stage will allow audiences a peek into the heart of the incarcerated: dispelling myths, raising awareness and getting people informed on this urgent matter. This story is universal, eliciting questions about what make us feel trapped in life and what can set ourselves free from those barriors.

“Tree of Fire” sings and screams for those who have no voice. It’s a modern day “Trojan Women” that leads us on a mythic journey into the minds and spirits of incarcerated women.  We meet women who are separated from their families, from their lives, from time itself.  Never self pitying and often very funny, this piece takes us into the soul of their experience.  Style and content are boldly woven together to give us an intimate encounter with the heart of the imprisoned.” -Leon Martell, Playwright

lincoln heights jail reading

Lincoln Heights Jail Staged Reading


The Roots and Wing Project believes in the power of the past and future to ignite the present, standing strong in roots with vision in wings.  The Roots and Wings Project is a politically charged, socially transformative theatre company that brings attention to truth and gives voice to the unnamed, unspoken and misunderstood through theatrical innovation and multi-media collaboration. Fusing traditional theatre with hip-hop, poetry, music and visual art, the company unites a wide range of artists and audiences from different communities around the world. The Roots and Wings Project is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.


We need over $30,000 to bring this play to life, moving all those who experience it. You get to be a direct part of making this magic happen. We are asking for $10,000 as a base start to get us going.

Venue: $5,000

Rehearsal Space: $2,000

Casting Director: $800

Publicity and Marketing: $2,000

Social Media: $1000

Administrative Fees including Artistic Director, Development Director, Social Media Consultant: $3,000

Directorial Fees: $1,500

Set Design: $1,500

Music Design:$1,500

Tech Crew: $1,500

Projectionist: $1,000

Costume Design: $1,500

Photographer: $500

Videographer: $500

Panelists: $400

Bonded Security: $1,000

Stage Manager: $1,500

Assistant Director: $800

Lighting Design: $1,000

Actors: $3,000

Printing: $1,000

We have unique rewards such as a signed script, tickets to the theater, CD of the Tree of FireScore, dinner with the writer and producers, t-shirts, acknowledgement in the program, and associate producer credits.


This project is extremely valuable to you and to the world. By helping bring this story to life, you are directly contributing to the critical conversation of The Prison Industrial Complex. Never before in history, here in the U.S. or in any other part of the world, have there been more incarcerated people. Many of these inmates are youth. Light needs to be brought to this emergency of mass incarceration. Tree of Fire does just that, using strong storytelling that weaves humor, magic and music to help tell the tale.
The Roots and Wings Project has an extraordinary track record having sold-out our last site-specific play, A Record of Light, that ran in Los Angeles’ treasured 18,000 sq. ft. cultural hub, The Last Bookstore in Fall 2011. We also sold-out the 99 artist Occupy This! event at the new Casa 0101 Theater in Boyle Heights in 2012. All of our events in support of Tree of Fire have garnished enormous support, drawing large audiences and stellar artists.

After a four-year journey, we are excited to see Tree of Fire bloom into full production allowing artists and audiences to experience the powerful transmutation this play offers.


If you are unable to contribute funds, you are still able to help us in ways that matter.

You can get the word out by letting your community know about the piece and encouraging them to help bring this story to life.

Smorgasbord [Funding Fridays]

Usually I highlight one fund-raiser a week, but due to last minute cancellation, we have a lovely sampling!


The Nerds Are Back! And They’re Coming in Heels!

Join Brooklyn based performance collective A Collection of Shiny Objects for NERD PROM 2: HEROES ‘N’ HEELS. Celebrating our nerd heroes, if they’re in capes and spandex, or corsets and stilettos or all of the above. Enjoy live music and entertainment, a costume contest, dancing and great raffle prizes.

All proceeds support A Collection of Shiny Objects’ upcoming 2012-13 projects, including QUEERSPAWN, a new play by Mallery Avidon, and DARLING, a new rock/video game/hipster musical, adapted and inspired by Peter Pan and pop culture.

A Collection of Shiny Objects is a performance collective founded and led by Elizabeth Engiish, Jesse Geiger and Nathan Leigh, with a rotating group of collaborators and associate artists. They create live performance to explore the complexity of contemporary society and popular culture, especially representations of gender, sexuality, class and race. They are committed to blending performance disciplines: incorporating theater, music, dance, puppets, multimedia, and the deconstruction of the artifacts of popular culture. Their process is highly collaborative, involving many participating artists and multiple readings, workshops and developmental in-progress presentations. Their goals for open, in-progress showings is to allow audiences to view and respond to the work and continue an artistic dialogue about its content and social meaning.

Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to A Collection of Shiny Objects, via our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas here.



What is Conk and Bone?

–a world premiere dark comedy
Written by Joe Musso and Directed by Kappy Kilburn
October 19 – November 4, 2012
At the Carrie Hamilton Theatre at the Pasadena Playhouse
Conk and Bone are once again hired by Death to prepare a soul for the ferry ride across the River Styx. But tonight is different and all goes awry when two souls are delivered instead of one. Confined to an abandoned house on a moonless night in Louisiana, Conk and Bone must confront a tortured tattooed girl, a furious fallen hero, and Death himself–but not before they have to face each other.
Featuring Jennifer Daley, Doug Power, Bruce A. Lemon, Ryan Mulkay, and Paul Vroom;Designed by Brandon Baruch, Karla Contreras, Cricket S. Myers, David T. Offner, Doug Oliphant, and Jenny Smith;





Stay tuned next week when I check in on past Funding Fridays Artists.

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