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Indie Holiday Gifts Day 2

With so many independent artists, there’s a variety of unique gifts you can give. I’ll highlight one a day through the New Year!

Day 1 – Holiday Gifts by Adam Emperor Southard Photography

HUCK FINN: The Robotic Edition &

The Selling, a supernatural comedy

Also, watch their Kickstarter Tips Video (how they funded both of these projects)

Huck Finn

Huckleberry Finn was a boy with no home. Jim was a runaway robot in search of freedom. Together they embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime.

Buy your very own copy of the text (with NO mention of race whatsoever) below!


Johnny sell:Johnny Tao Sell.qxd

“THE SELLING” is a supernatural comedy about a real estate agent trying to sell a haunted house written and produced by Gabe and co-produced by Etta. It premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 2011 and has played at over 25 festivals since then. It won both the Audience and Jury Awards for Best Feature at the Friar’s Club Film Festival, the Audience Award at the Tallgrass Film Festival, the Best Feature, Actor, and Director awards at the Idyllwild Film Festival, and swept the Los Angeles Comedy Festival awards for Best Feature, Actor, Ensemble, Screenplay, Director, and Best of Fest.

It stars Gabriel Diani, Jonathan Klein, Janet Varney, and Etta Devine. With Nancy Lenehan and Barry Bostwick as “Father Jimmy.”

Visit official website

Indie Holiday Gifts

With so many independent artists, there’s a variety of unique gifts you can give. I’ll highlight one a day through the New Year!

Adam Emperor Southard Photography

Id, Ego, Superego Series

Don’t settle for any old family photo. Send the various sides to your personality with this unique series. He also offers fast turnaround for more traditional holiday photos too, and is one of the most generous people on earth. Follow @AESPiano & on Facebook too.


53rd Annual LA County Holiday Celebration

Yesterday I was invited to the dress rehearsal for the LA County’s 53rd Annual Holiday Celebration. More extensive coverage between now and December 24th on Arts4Families & Bitter Lemons, but here is a sneak peek via tweets!

  1. LACountyArts
    Thanks!RT@experiencela: MUST-SEE VIDEO: Jingle Bell Rock Holiday Celebration Lip Dub from @LACountyArts #HCLA #LA # t.co/RFtefrQY
  2. SteveLozier
    At the Holiday Celebration’s Rehearsal. In this vid Adam Davis explains how the day will work. #HCLA yfrog.us/17htqmrzitnostceix…
  3. Invertigo Dance Comp rehearses their celebration of sunny weather #HCLA @ Dorothy Chandler Pavilion http://instagr.am/p/StFT3_mjg1/
  4. Vox Femina LA giving me chills with their rendition of carols. #HCLA @ Dorothy Chandler Pavilion http://instagr.am/p/StF6B7mjhT/
  5. cindymariej
    With almost 20 separate groups performing, today is for everyone to see how they fit together #HCLA
  6. In my very professional opinion, big band is sexy #HCLA @ Dorothy Chandler Pavilion http://instagr.am/p/StH4S5GjjV/
  7. LACountyArts
    Full circle!RT@kamellatate: A living #arts ecosystem at work:Grading @CGUNews #ARMGT359 papers following #HCLA rehearsals @MusicCenterLA.
  8. cindymariej
    Mix of Aztec and Spanish Early Music. Just learned Aztecs couldn’t say the sound “Ooh.” #HCLA
  9. Palmdale HS Choral Union – I did not expect the angelic sounds coming out of these teens #HCLA http://instagr.am/p/StO7YjGjq2/
  10. cindymariej
    OK, you should all go to #HCLA just to see Palmdale HS Choir Union. I am kind of Scroogey & now in holiday spirit. #LAthtr
  11. Want to hear/see behind scenes of 53rd Annual @LACountyArts Holiday Celebration? Follow #HCLA – so cool! #LAfamilies http://pic.twitter.com/ZGDEDWlp
  12. Correction: this is La Cafeteras, not La Capateras ! Great music for #HCLA http://pic.twitter.com/WxWoptAm
  13. Mariachi Sol de Mexico chill my spine with O Holy Night #HCLA @ Dorothy Chandler Pavilion http://instagr.am/p/StSY4IGjvT/
  14. cindymariej
    Producer Adam Sharp had a moment when he walked into The Colburn School Choir “I can see you all growing up on the #HCLA show every year”
  15. The girls from Colburn School perked up when red vs white shirts suggested, so that’s their color! #HCLA http://instagr.am/p/StT3Q5GjhA/
  16. Maya from Colburn School choir has the best shirt! #HCLA #doctorwho @ Dorothy Chandler Pavilion http://instagr.am/p/StUL94GjhT/
  17. @jouyssance has a unique sound combining #Aztec and early #Spanish music. #HCLA http://pic.twitter.com/WV3EkGyn
  18. cindymariej
    More on #HCLA & where I will post write up of today- 53rd @LACountyArts Holiday Celebration wp.me/p2UMEz-d via @OutreachNerd
  19. stefissimo
    Back from a great run-through for the 53rd Annual L.A. COUNTY HOLIDAY CELEBRATION! #HCLA youtu.be/9BxMG8yfScY
  20. RT if you’re dreaming of a “White Christmas” South Bay Children’s Choir is #HCLA http://pic.twitter.com/0dCbiTkQ
  21. Correction: this is Harmonic Bronze Handbell Ensemble with beautiful songs #HCLA http://instagr.am/p/StkR8xmjkh/
  22. Angels we have heard on high appropriate for these angelic voices from Immac Heart of Mary #HCLA http://instagr.am/p/StlcgUmjmK/
  23. It’s Christmas time in New Orleans with Vaud & the Villains #HCLA http://instagr.am/p/StnT_iAhAc/
  24. Family Life Center Sanctuary Choir serenades us w/ “Emanuel” #HCLA http://instagr.am/p/StpMNPGjq5/
  25. cindymariej
    “What we want to do, is we want to tear the house down in less than 5 min” – Laura Zucker @LACountyArts #HCLA
  26. It’s a #handbell orchestra! Don’t need those tables. Harmonic Bronze innovates. #HCLA http://pic.twitter.com/bKfM9Hqa
  27. cindymariej
    Pacific Dance Company just wowed us all with their performance. Couldn’t capture decent pics w/ phone but from camera later #HCLA
  28. LACountyArts
    @PacificoDance wows with dance from Oaxaca. Producer @lazucker : “This is my new favorite piece.” #HCLA
  29. cindymariej
    Heard that people line up on Christmas Eve to get their favorite seats to #HCLA . It’s also televised, broadcast and live streamed
  30. Shakti Dance preps for their piece. Magnificent colors. #HCLA only 2 more groups to go http://pic.twitter.com/JuddQ0Y0
  31. kimglann
    With their amazing voices & passion, even a nonbeliever like me gets goosebumps listening to Spirit Chorale of LA. #HCLA
  32. Shakti Dance Company with a wonderful piece for #HCLA ! They’re at beginning of video I’ll share soon too. http://instagr.am/p/Stx4c_mjlW/
  33. LACountyArts
    Rehearsal ends with Second Samoan Cong Ch Choir. Ty to all 20 groups and @cindymariej for tweeting about us all day #HCLA

English Roots

Since Walking the Tightrope, the next play at 24th ST Theatre, takes place in England, I find myself researching differences in our

cultures. Most of us know the narrative imposed upon America’s Thanksgiving holiday. Growing up in Boston, I visited Plymouth Rock every year on school field trips, and saw that lovely etching of “1620” into the rock. Not that I doubt the upstanding story of breaking bread before betrayal, not at all….

The concept of Thanksgiving traces back to England, as a Protestant response to all the Catholic holidays. (Remember how key the religions are in Shakespeare?) Here is more from wikipedia:

Prayers of thanks and special thanksgiving ceremonies are common among almost all religions after harvests and at other times.[1] The holiday’s history in North America is rooted in English traditions dating from the Protestant Reformation. It also has aspects of a harvest festival, even though the harvest in New England occurs well before the late-November date of the holiday[1][2]

In the English tradition, days of thanksgiving and special thanksgiving religious services became important during the English Reformation in the reign of Henry VIII and in reaction to the large number of religious holidays on the Catholic calendar. Before 1536 there were 95 Church holidays, plus 52 Sundays, when people were required to attend church and forego work and sometimes pay for expensive celebrations. The 1536 reforms reduced the number of Church holidays to 27, but some Puritans, the radical reformers of their age, wished to completely eliminate all Church holidays, including Christmas and Easter. The holidays were to be replaced by specially called Days of Fasting or Days of Thanksgiving, in response to events that the Puritans viewed as acts ofspecial providence. Unexpected disasters or threats of judgement from on high called for Days of Fasting. Special blessings, viewed as coming from God, called for Days of Thanksgiving. For example, Days of Fasting were called on account of drought in 1611, floods in 1613, and plague in 1604 and 1622. Days of Thanksgiving were called following the victory over the Spanish Armadain 1588, and following the deliverance of Queen Anne in 1705. An unusual annual Day of Thanksgiving began in 1606 following the failure of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605, and developed into Guy Fawkes Day.[3]

Do you have any unique Thanksgiving traditions? It’s the one day out of the year that I bake.

apples pre-pie


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