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Bullying in the Arts Ep5: Stuart Allan of “Jedi Camp”

WATCH other Bullying in the Arts: Ep1 Gregory Crafts “Friends Like These”

Stuart Allan

Ep2 Jeffrey Wylie “Texas Loves Lyla”

Ep3 Gabriele Eggerling “Jedi Camp”

Ep4 Julia Cho “Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them”

and now Ep 5 with Stuart Allan, star of the web series “Jedi Camp”!

Broadcast will begin at 8:30PT on Tuesday.


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Bullying in the Arts Ep4: Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them

Artists at Play is a collective of creative professionals who have come together to curate quality theatre in Los Angeles. We present theatrical productions missing from the local landscape that tells the stories of communities underrepresented in Los Angeles theatre. The audience experience is our priority, and we aim to make theatre accessible to everyone.

Their current production, Edith Can Shoot Things & Hit Them, tackles bullying from POV of kids who are already pretty much on their own. Hear Producer Julia Cho on the topic (and forgive my low energy due to illness):


Audience Reactions

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Bullying in the Arts Ep3 – Gabe Eggerling from “Jedi Camp”

On last week’s Web Series Watch, Patty J. Robinson told me about Jedi Camp, a web series about bullying. I offered to interview the creator but he suggested the kids!

Today’s interviewee, Gabe Eggerling makes me feel like a slacker. And he’s the voice of Shroeder!

WED 12pm PT

Gabe Eggerling @GabeSays

He worked with singer Tyler Hilton (of One Tree Hill) to make a music video about bullying (with over 100,000 views, and spoke at a red carpet event in La to raise awareness and funds for bullying…and he was only 7 years old!  He is in a documentary coming out this winter called “Heroes don’t wear Capes” which talks about inner strength alongside Olympic gold medal winner Tyler McGill.  He has been honored in the celebrity book 100 Making a Difference with First Lady Michelle Obama, and is working on his nonprofit Mission: HERO.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l70nzIO8uFo  This is his bullying music video
http://www.100makingadifference.com/   coming out 2013

Bullying in the Arts: Ep2 w/ Jeffrey Wylie

Bullying in the Arts Ep2

Jeffrey Wylie of “Texas Loves Lyla”


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