Voices From Chornobyl

2012 was the first year since 2005 that my April hadn’t been all about promoting awareness of the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. The history of the project is longer than the piece itself, and explore this site for more information. I adapted the play from 2015 Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich’s book Voices From Chernobyl.

For the thirtieth anniversary of the accident, I’ll tweet the entire script during the month of April. Follow @VoicesChornobyl to read.

Below is a sample of the script and a demo video we produced for the 2007 International Chernobyl Conference. We used to promote awareness and raise funds for Chernobyl charities by doing readings around Los Angeles. If you are interested, please contact me.

CHARACTERS (and ensemble members)

Katya Shimanky, young girl at the time of the accident (Kappa Victoria Wood)

Vasily Shimanky, Physicist (Brad Beacom)

Irina Shimanky, Doctor at a Radiation Hospital (Katie Sweeney)

Anna Sushko, Resident of Chornobyl (Enci)

Arkady Filin, Clean-up Crew Member (Aaron Lyons)

Grigory Brovkin, Former Soldier, Leader of a Clean-up Crew (Michael Laurino)

Stepanov Morozkov, Vasily and Grigory’s Supervisor (Brian Sparrow)

Sergei Gurin, Cameraman from Minsk (Shawn Macaulay)

Ludmila (A Solitary Human Voice), Wife of a Fireman (Kristin Mochnick / Carolyn Blais)

Valentina (A Lonely Human Voice), Wife of a Clean-up Crew Member (Daryl Dickerson)


At times the characters speak to their Interviewer and at times they are back in the moment. If there is a slash (/) on one line, then the following line should overlap at the point of the slash (/).



Adapted by Cindy Marie Jenkins

From the book by Svetlana Alexievich



You’re writing a book, but so far no book has helped, explained it to me. No more than the theater or the movies. I figure it out without them. By myself.


There was no sign.


We’re all going through this alone, and we don’t know what to do.


Anna inspiration
Inspiration for ANNA

Sometimes, your palm itches and you know to get ready. But today, no signs.


We don’t know what to do. I want to love, I try to love! I pray for my love! And—-


My first reaction was to call my wife and warn her. But all our telephones at the Institute were bugged. That eternal fear, beaten into us through the decades.


The first fear came out of the blue, over water—


My family didn’t know.


My father is particularly bewildered.


My daughter – at this moment she would be walking to school. With friends. Outside.



He always taught me to live by books. And suddenly books cannot help. My parents are confused. My father does not know how to live without the counsel of books. Without Chekhov and Tolstoy, and the old Greek masters.

Remember? I want to remember and at the same time I don’t.


Shut the windows.


I remember my mother’s phone call in the early morning.


There’s a fire at the atomic station. Orders are to keep the radio on.


We lived in Pripyat, just three miles from the reactor. I was born and bred there.


Listen to me very closely.


What are you talking about?


Quiet. Shut the windows. Put all the food in plastic bags.

Put on rubber gloves and wipe every surface with a wet rag. Then put the rag in a plastic bag and get rid of it. The laundry drying on the balcony has to be washed again.


What’s happened ther—


I hung up. She was in medicine. She was bound to understand.


Remember? Perhaps it’s better not to. Just in case. We saw the fire—


–and we figured it was temporary, and no one was worried about it. We didn’t know about atoms, I swear! One nightingale sang all night—that means a sunny day.


In the middle of the night, I heard a noise. I –I don’t know what to tell you about! Death or love? Or is it one and the same? What shall I tell you? We were newlyweds. We still held hands in the street, even if we were just going to the store. I told him: “I love you.” But I didn’t even know how much. I had no idea. We lived in the hostel of the fire station where he worked. Below us, on the first floor, were the fire engines.

Red fire engines. That was his work. That was all he ever wanted to do.

(Takes a deep breath) In the middle of the night, I heard a noise. I looked out the window. He saw me and said, “Shut the windows and get back to sleep. There’s a fire at the reactor. I’ll be back soon.”


I did not see the explosion itself. Only the flames. Everything seemed to flow.


fire truck on fire
KATYA’s drawing from 2011 production: Voices From Chornobyl Jr.

People took their small children outside, lifted them up and said, “Look, how beautiful! Don’t forget this.” We stood in that horrible black smoke.


The whole sky. The flames were high. And smoke. Horrible heat.


The smoke over the station was not black or yellow, it was light blue.


We did not know that Death could be so beautiful.


The police and the military set up roadblocks, they were letting no one out. We spent all day watching TV, waiting for Gorbachev to speak. The authorities were silent.


I stared all day out of the closed window. It was just an ordinary fire, being put out by ordinary firemen.


And he was still out. They went off to the fire without their protective gear, just in their shirt sleeves. They were summoned as if to a normal fire. I sat and waited. Four o’clock.


I’d go to church, where it was so quiet.




The way it is in the mountains sometimes.




So quiet. You can forget your life in there. But in the mornings, I’d wake up. I’d wake up and feel around for him. Where is he? I’d shut my eyes and think about him until I fell asleep. In my sleep, he would come to me, but very quickly. Vanish immediately.


Seven o’clock.


Where is he? I can’t tell you what it is like. I don’t know how I manage to stay alive.


At seven they informed me that he was in the hospital. I ran over there, but police would not let anyone in. Only ambulances could drive in. The policemen shouted: the ambulances are radioactive, don’t’ get close. I was not alone, all the wives whose husbands were at the reactor that night, were there. I grabbed onto a Doctor as she walked by—“Get me inside!”


I can’t. He’s in a bad way. They all are.


Pleas! Just to see him.


(Hands her a form)

Sign this.

Do you have children?


I thought, I have to say yes. If I say no, they won’t let me see him.



How many?


A boy and a girl.


Now listen. The central nervous system is completely damaged, the bone marrow is completely destroyed.


AL right, so he’ll be a bit nervous…….


And listen—


If you cry, I’ll throw you out right away. You may not hug or kiss. Don’t come close.


I’ll give you half an hour.


That day, April 26th, I was in Moscow. On a business trip.


The first fear was…..in the morning we found dead moles in the garden. Who killed them?


We’re all going through this alone, and we don’t know what to do. I cannot comprehend it with my mind. My grandmother said she had no childhood. She had the war. Their childhood is the war and mine is Chornobyl.


I had just returned from Afghanistan. I wanted to live, to get married. I wanted to get married right away. And instead I got a notice with a red stripe

Meaning “Special Draft.” Show up with your things at the following address within an hour. My mother started weeping. She thought they were sending me to war again.


At the time I was thinking about something else. This will seem strange to you.


(To ARKADY) Get in the van.


But just then I was getting a divorce from my wife. Everything else seemed minor. They would come suddenly and a special van was waiting downstairs. Just like 1937.


I loved him madly. Maybe you shouldn’t use my name.


I called once, two, three times, but they wouldn’t put me through.


There are secrets. People say prayers in private. Whispering.


I found an assistant. “I’m calling from Moscow. I have urgent information. About an accident!” As soon as I started talking about the accident, they disconnected me.


No, use my name. Say it to God.


I heard that there was a fire there, and it’s been put out.


That’s a lie! Deceit!

It’s a serious accident. According to my calculations, the radioactive cloud is moving towards us. Towards Belarussia. We must immediately give prophylactic iodine treatment to the population and move out everyone living close to the station. People and animals within 100 kilometers have to be moved away.


Had a phone call. From the Kremlin. From Gorbachev. Something about not starting a panic in Belarussia. The West are making too much of it already.


At the foot of the hill puffs a tractor

At the top of the hill a reactor

If we hadn’t heard it from the Swedes

We’d still be eating all those seeds.

Shawn original
Actor Shawn Macaulay in front of his painting for original 2006 production, Open Fist Theatre
clean up crew
Actor Aaron Lyons painted this image of the clean up crew for original 2006 production, Open Fist Theatre. 


I was asked to lead the Online Content Team for Center Theatre Group’s Student Ambassadors this year, and loved the experience!

One of their last projects was to create an interview series that would invite their peers to attend Student Scene Events (next one this Friday!) and as a result, see theatre (maybe for the first time).

They created the questions, the title & hashtag #JoinintheDrama, and we worked on a creative promotional campaign to ensure that people see it.

All the videos are on CTG’s Emerging Artists Green Room, but here are some hints at what you’ll find (again, all created by students!):

Join in the Drama Ash Henry


Join in the Drama Steven Jocelyn


It’s been an honor to teach these guys. I certainly learned just as much from them as they hopefully did from me!


reelectionCongrats to Re-Election: A Web Series for meeting their $25,000 Goal!

Mid-level campaign staffer Jamie must figure out how to undo an election day defeat in order to escape reliving the day over and over.

UPDATE: I had technical issues and could not broadcast today. I will post their answers soon.

How did they do it? How can you prep a Kickstarter campaign for success? Hear live today at 11am PT.

We’ll also have special guests Diani & Devine, who are currently releasing 1-2 videos a day during their Kickstarter.

Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse

Is it harder for two comedians to survive an apocalypse or Hollywood? Diani & Devine spent five months making their initial video (below) & release 1 or 3 new ones every day. You also may just see a familiar face in #Apocatips #14 .





 for more!

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Found Art: Dinos in Atwater Village

One day I went to Kaldi Coffee & Tea in Atwater Village, as I am wont to do.Outside in the street garden: surprise!

BONUS: Coffee. It all began with dancing goats.

Courtesy of National Geographic: Goats will eat anything. Just ask Kaldi the legendary Ethiopian (map) goatherd. Kaldi, the story goes, noticed his herd dancing from one coffee shrub to another, grazing on the cherry-red berries containing the beans. He copped a few himself and was soon frolicking with his flock. Witnessing Kaldi’s goatly gambol, a monk plucked berries for his brothers. That night they were uncannily alert to divine inspiration.


Found Art is a new series of videos & photos that means exactly what it says. Send your Found Art in the comments. Found Art: Dinosaurs outside Kaldi Coffee & Tea in Atwater Village

Found by Cindy Marie Jenkins, Outreach Nerd

Original Music composed by Adam Emperor Southard

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WHO: Good People Theater Company

BARRYMORE by William Luce

, with Gordon Goodman in the starring role as John Barrymore

Preview on Friday, November 8 @ 8pm
Opening on Saturday, November 9 @ 8pm
Then running 3 weekends November 15 through December 1

Fridays @ 8pm

Saturdays @ 2pm and 8pm

Sundays @ 7pm

WHERE: Greenway Court Theater
544 N. Fairfax Ave between Melrose and Beverly
WHY CARE? Practically speaking, Gordon is of those classic hard working Los Angeles Equity actors of a certain age–a guy who’s built up more than 100 acting credits over the years.  But he’s not often carrying a whole show.  Many who know him feel he’s under-rated or under-appreciated.  And we think that is about to change.  John Barrymore is someone Gordon has long wanted to explore–as an actor and a psychologist–and we’re confident Gordon is going to give us one those “performance of a lifetime” moments.

WKOG small profile pic

The World Premiere of
What Kind of God? 

by Steve Julian

A gifted boy pleads for love. His only family member cries out for safe passage. One priest turns a deaf ear while another wages war against his own demon. How can any victim fight the world’s largest religion and come out whole? How many shepherds does it take to keep one lamb safe?

Directed by Aaron Lyons
Thursday, Oct. 10 & 17 @ 8pm

Friday, Oct. 11 & 18 @ 8pm

Saturday, Oct. 12 & 19 @ 8pm

Sunday, Oct. 13 & 20 @ 3pm

Starring (in alphabetical order): Brett Donaldson, Emily M. Faris, Steve Julian, Robert Keasler & Katherine McGehee *
* Appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association


The Corey Blake Experience – Improv Comedy

When? Saturday, October 12, 2013

No but when? 10:15-11:30 PM

Where? Neon Venus

No but where? 7023 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038

How much? $5

Facebook invite? Facebook!

Santa Monica Rep’s WaveFest

WaveFest is a series of short plays presented in 3 waves. Every wave runs for two weekends and consists of five new plays (plus some surprises) from some of the most exciting and talented local playwrights around.

The Interview

Not everyone is qualified to be a parent. A play by Susan Josephs, directed by Diana Wyenn.

Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00 pm; Sundays at 5:00 pm
@ STUDIO/STAGE // 520 N Western Ave, Los Angeles [map]



invisiblecitiesCome to Invisible Cities in your best costume on 10/31 for a chance to win a pair of Sennheiser headphones!The Industry creates ambitious world premiere productions that expand the traditional definition of opera, merging artistic disciplines and building new paradigms for collaboration. The Industry aims to engage a wide demographic and cultivate curiosity through the unexpected audience experience.

Tickets: http://invisiblecitiesopera.com/tickets/


odysseyartboundArtbound tweeted this link to me – using The Odyssey to allow prisoners to re-imagine their own returns home. #ArtHealsTheater has the power to change lives. Also, great targeted tweeting, @KCETArtbound !
Using Homer’s “Odyssey” to think about modern life is not a new idea. But using Homer’s “Odyssey” to get incarcerated young men to re-imagine their returns home from correctional facilities is new, and it’s what The Odyssey Project has been doing for three years now. Learn all about this initiative here:http://bit.ly/17BL2or


by Steven Dietz, directed by Scott Marden at Theatre Unleashed’s new home.

October 3rd-November 9th, 2013
Thursdays-Saturdays at 8pm*
No performance on 10/31. Special performance Sunday, 11/3 at 7pm

The Belfry Stage, Upstairs @ The Crown
This venue is located upstairs and is not handicapped-accessible

Proudly Supporting

proudly supporting write girl

WriteGirl – Helping girls write their way to more positive futures.
Bring a new journal or ream of printer paper to the box office for Trustand Name Your Ticket Price to see the show! Click here to RSVP.


redcatREDCAT’s Studio: Fall 2013

REDCAT is seeking original performance works for the next edition of Studio, REDCAT’s quarterly series of new works in progress in dance, theater, multimedia and music. If you have a project 15 minutes or under and would like to be considered – apply now.

Applications are due by 5:00PM: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2013
Showings are scheduled for: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 2013
Performance dates: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7 at 8:30 PM & SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2013 at 7:00PM

Visit our website: http://www.redcat.org/about/artist-opportunities and complete the online application.


Releasing Heart – A Short Film in it’s entirety for a limited time on the interweb! This little short premiered at the 2013 No Budget Film Festival where it screened at the beautiful Vista Theatre! Even though this movie was made for ZERO dollars, we will be sending out to more festivals to see how far it can go.

If you enjoy, spread the word and like our page!


crazy maryCrazy Mary

by Michael Colbert (Author) , J. K. Woodward (Illustrator) , Ryan Sergeant (Illustrator) & 2 more
Don’t call her crazy to her face. Several years ago Mary was a professional soldier who volunteered for an upgrade program dubbed “Project Dragonfly”. The project upgraded the subjects with enhanced strength, speed and combat ability.
It didn’t go well for Mary.
Shortly after the upgrades Mary started seeing things… insane things. A world of melting walls and living fire, vortexes of thought and colored radio waves, sentient metaphors and beings that existed in an invisible layer of reality. She could communicate with these beings. She made deals with some of them.
Or she had simply gone insane.
Either way she was useless to the project and the military so she was cut loose and vanished shortly thereafter.
A few years later she re-emerged in the New York area of Megalopolis as a “freelancer” specializing in bounty hunting and search and rescue. Her upgrades give her an advantage in competing against other freelancers, Lawcom and her targets… most of the time. She can still see the weird layer of reality and her trinity of supernatural advisors helps … most of the time.
Or she could just be crazy and very lucky.
Or a bit of both.



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Live stream: by appointment with Tomas Benitez

East LA Rep


by appointment with Tomas Benitez

Wed., Aug. 14, 2013 @8pm
at East LA Rep – 1350 San Pablo St., LA 90033
(in the Legacy LA campus – free parking in the gated lot)

Topics of discussion –
Art and Activism – the early years
Self-Help Graphics – shaping an organization
Los Angeles County Arts Commission – community and politics
Latino Baseball – my true love


by appointment – the idea is to have a great conversation, una buena platica, with a guest we admire and are intrigued by, and to get some insight into what inspires, bothers or fascinates the guest.
Photo: East LA Reppresents by appointment with Tomas BenitezWed., Aug. 14, 2013 @8pmat East LA Rep - 1350 San Pablo St., LA 90033(in the Legacy LA campus - free parking in the gated lot)Topics of discussion - Art and Activism - the early yearsSelf-Help Graphics  - shaping an organizationLos Angeles County Arts Commission - community and politicsLatino Baseball - my true loveby appointment - the idea is to have a great conversation, una buena platica, with a guest we admire and are intrigued by, and to get some insight into what inspires, bothers or fascinates the guest. Hosted by Juan E. Carrillo during Office HoursFree and open to the publicStreamed live in partnership with Cindy Marie Jenkins at 8pm pst on http://www.youtube.com/user/TheCMJstoriesPosted on the EAST LA REP YouTube channelhttp://www.youtube.com/user/EASTLAREPAbout Tomas -Tomas Benitez was born and raised in front of a TV set in East L. A.  After earning a B.A. in Theatre and Chicano Studies, he began his career in the arts as a teatrista, that is, a troubadour actor in various itinerate teatro chicano companies which toured the United States in the early 1970’s.  Tomas has been an advocate of Chicano/Latino arts and culture for 35 years, and has served as a consultant to numerous cultural centers, major institutions and universities throughout the United States. Tomas is the former Executive Director of Self Help Graphics & Art in East Los Angeles. During his tenure, Self Help Graphics & Art exhibited more Chicano art and fine art prints around the world than any other institution in the United States.He is a key advisor, writer and contributor to The Latino Baseball Project: The Mexican-American Experience, a humanities based project in partnership with the Phau Library at California State University at San Bernardino. The project is a multi-year endeavor that has examined the impact of baseball on the formation of the Mexican-American identity and community in the United States, and will eventuate in a collection, permanent and traveling exhibitions and a website for the dissemination of materials and information. He remains a consultant for non-profit cultural arts organizations in the greater Los Angeles area, California and the Southwest.  He is a Commissioner for the County of Los Angeles Arts Commission (1st District, Supervisor Gloria Molina), and sits on a number of panels and advisory groups related to arts, culture and arts education.

Hosted by Juan E. Carrillo during Office Hours
Free and open to the public
Streamed live in partnership with Cindy Marie Jenkins at 8pm on http://www.youtube.com/user/TheCMJstories

*If tech gods are not with us, I will live blog and upload the video at a later date.
Posted on the EAST LA REP YouTube channel

About Tomas –
Tomas Benitez was born and raised in front of a TV set in East L. A. After earning a B.A. in Theatre and Chicano Studies, he began his career

in the arts as a teatrista, that is, a troubadour actor in various itinerate teatro chicano companies which toured the United States in the early 1970’s.
Tomas has been an advocate of Chicano/Latino arts and culture for 35 years, and has served as a consultant to numerous cultural centers, major institutions and universities throughout the United States.
Tomas is the former Executive Director of Self Help Graphics & Art in East Los Angeles. During his tenure, Self Help Graphics & Art exhibited more Chicano art and fine art prints around the world than any other institution in the United States.
He is a key advisor, writer and contributor to The Latino Baseball Project: The Mexican-American Experience, a humanities based project in partnership with the Phau Library at California State University at San Bernardino. The project is a multi-year endeavor that has examined the impact of baseball on the formation of the Mexican-American identity and community in the United States, and will eventuate in a collection, permanent and traveling exhibitions and a website for the dissemination of materials and information.
He remains a consultant for non-profit cultural arts organizations in the greater Los Angeles area, California and the Southwest. He is a Commissioner for the County of Los Angeles Arts Commission (1st District, Supervisor Gloria Molina), and sits on a number of panels and advisory groups related to arts, culture
 and arts education.

#FundingFriday : Squatch Watchers & Storytellers

Here are some of my picks for #FindingFriday ! Check their campaigns out and let me know if you donate.

Just for fun: Squatch Watchers. I am not sure how to explain this without ruining it. Just watch.

I’ve mentioned Storyteller Antonio Sacre before, and here he is asking for the public to help fund free multicultural experiences for the children of LA. You really have to see it:

More cool projects mentioned during The Latte Fund portion of  The CrowdCrowd podcast (listen via RSSor on iTunes or watch below)

Follow Noah Nelson on Twitter (@noahjnelson)

Send your crowd-funding campaigns in the comments or via @CindyMarieJ

Funding Friday: Single Serving

Funding Fridays

Single Servings, the web series

single servingsSingle Servings is a web series about that awkward “in between” time where you aren’t really a kid anymore, but you can’t quite call yourself an adult yet either. You don’t have your dream job, or your dream house, or your dream relationship, but youthink you’re getting there. Maybe. The series follows Margo, as she attempts to find a date in under six weeks to her best friend and roommate, Renee’s wedding, while at the same time trying to cope with the idea that life moves forward, and the inevitability that we must all grow up.
And Us…
Christina Benedetto(Creator, Producer, Margo) is a New York based writer, producer, and actress. After graduating with a degree in theatre from UCLA, Christina immediately relocated to The Big Apple, immersing herself in both the theatre and music scene. She has been producing her own one-woman show since she was 16, and in 2010 both wrote and produced a show for the United States USO. Single Servings, her latest project, will be unique in that it is her first venture into the realm of film; and she could not be more excited.
Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Jessica Rose McVay(Executive Producer, Series Director) is a director, choreographer, and producer committed to bringing classical and American classics alive for the modern audience. She graduated from UCLA’s school of Theater Film and Television with a degree in Theater Arts with a concentration in Directing and a minor in Asian Humanities. Recently credits include Sonnet 94(New York Shakespeare Exchange Sonnet Project), Romeo and Juliet(Taganrog Drama Theatre, Taganrog, Russia) Second AD and Dramaturg Gore Vidal’s The Best Man(Broadway, Dir. Michael Wilson). Her newest venture is into film in the form of a six episode web series called Single Servings.
Leah Bezozo(Co-producer, Renee) is a singer/actress based in New York City, and originally from New Jersey. She studied at UCLA’s School of Theater Film and Television. She’s most noted for the role of Kennedy in HBO’s hit series The Sopranos. Her most recent ventures include Metropolis TV in the Netherlands and the web series Single Servings.

Inside Rehearsal for Gracie and Rose

Gracie and Rose love off the grid and live off the land in 1950’s Wyoming — where wild horses run free and appearances are deceiving. Gracie lives as George so she and Rose can be together.

Is true love in the body worth the cost of living a lie in the world?
Gracie and Rose premieres at the Hollywood Fringe Festival June 16-29th. Written and Performed by Anastasia Coon. Directed by Che’Rae Adams.

Support untold stories of love – Indiegogo Campaign


Hollywood Fringe Festival site: hff13.org/1372


Funding Fridays Fringe Edition 2: Gracie & Rose

Live Broadcast

Funding Friday: Fringe Edition!

ringe freaks

Host: Cindy Marie Jenkins

Guests: Anastasia Coon & Che’Rae Adams of Gracie & Rose*

Have questions about crowd-funding, fund-raising or the Fringe? Ask in the comments below or tweet to @CindyMarieJ

Want to be a guest on Funding Friday? Put your link in the comments with a Friday you’re available. Watch more Funding Fridays.

Gracie & Rose | a solo play with multiple characters from Anastasia Coon on Vimeo.

Gracie and Rose love off the grid and live off the land in 1950's Wyoming – where wild horses run free and appearances are deceiving. Gracie lives as George so she and Rose can be together. Is true love in the body worth the cost of living a lie in the world?

Are you a Citizen of Natrona County, a Straight Shooter, or a a Grand Marshall? Find out here –

Meet Gracie, Rose, George and Pig at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2013

Keep in touch with the whole gang

*Full Disclosure: I’m working with Gracie and Rose as Social Media Outreach Consultant, thanks to a Quick Grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation. -CMJ

Media Nerds: Ep2


How does the media we consume shape us as individuals and as a society? 

Co-Hosts Etta Devine, Cindy Marie Jenkins & Caroline Sharp

Tune into YouTube on Tuesday, May 14th @10amPT

Special Guests from pLAywriting in the city:

Fanny García is the Founding Editor of pLAywriting in the city, a Los Angeles based arts magazine. The magazine aims to build a portfolio of art criticism written by people of color and increase the coverage of work that is neglected by the mainstream media. She was a 2011 TCG Young Leader of Color and was featured in Theater Communication Group’s I AM THEATRE campaign. Last year, she worked with Individual Artist Collective to send a delegation of artists to TCG’s 2012 conference in Boston. She has written several plays including Portrait of Ten Women, which chronicles the lives of Latina women living with HIV/AIDS. Her play The Rosalila received a workshop production directed by Luis Alfaro in 2010. She recently served as Associate Curator/Dramaturg for Watts Village Theater Company’s Meet Me @Metro.  She is also one of the original co-founders of East LA Rep. She can be reached at foundingeditor.pitc@gmail.com.

Ramona Pilar Gonzales, Editor in Chief Ramona is a writer/performer and native Californian.  Her nonfiction work has been published in LatinoLA, CreepyLA, La Revista Magazine, the Highland Park News and more.  She has also written and produced several short plays and films.  Her dramatized essay, Del Plato a la Boca, El Ritmo te Toca, received a grant from La Plaza de Cultura y Artes Foundation.  She is a founding member of the theater performance group Tongue in Chíc*ana.  Ramona has a B.A. in Film and Cultural Representation from UC Davis and an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles. She can be reached at

Between Music & Medicine w/ Violinist Robert Gupta

I am sick that I can’t make it to this Saturday Explorer Series at 24th ST.

Watch his TED Talk: Robert Gupta: Between music & medicine and you’ll see why.

Passion doesn’t pay the bills

Thanks to a grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation, I’m consulting for an exciting new Fringe show Gracie and Rose. Today we launched our IndieGogo campaign!

Check out the video and campaign details. Every dollar and share helps make this show of an even higher quality than if presented on passion and credit cards alone.

Funding Friday Fringe Edition!

Friday May 3


Live Broadcast

Funding Friday: Fringe Edition!

ringe freaks

Guests include: Fund-raising Consultant Michael Kass

Lily Mercer & Allie Costa: Before a Fall

Danielle Ozymandias: The Other F Word

Matthew Hill: Jason ❤ Medea, a fresh look at an ancient love story

Have questions about crowd-funding, fund-raising or the Fringe? Ask in the comments below or tweet to @CindyMarieJ

More Promo Videos?

Continuing this fascinating conversation  (happening mostly on Google+ & Facebook. I found this video today and wonder what you think:

The Day Shall Declare It | Bush Theatre from Wilderness on Vimeo.

Short Fiction Series at The Federal Bar

Last fall I had the pleasure to meet the woman behind this series and one of her writer. Watch our interview below the announcement.

Stories & great brew? What’s a better combination?

May 12, 2013

 “…a night of vibrant, living art.” Forth Magazine

The New Short Fiction Series, Los Angeles’ longest running spoken word series, presents its 10th Annual Emerging Voices Group Show featuring new fiction by Sue Coppa, Josh DuBose, Scott Fabbro, Darri Farr, James Gabriel anMel ToltzSunday, May 12, 2012 at The Federal Bar.  The performance stars spoken word artist Sally Shore, with guest cast Taylor Calmus (The Middle), Jim Hanks (Robot Chicken), Jesse Holcomb (Glee, Luck), Joshua Lamont (Homebound) and Shaun Shimoda (Grateful Crane Ensemble).  The Federal Bar is located at 5303 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood 91601.  Performances begin at 7:00 pm, admission is $10.00with advance purchase, $15.00 same day, advance purchase tickets recommended.  For advance tickets and program information, visitwww.newshortfictionseries.com or call 866-468-3399.  

Sue Coppa has spent many years writing non-fiction, with work published in books such as The Livable City and Culture Builds Communities: The Power of the Arts to Strengthen Neighborhoods.  She has been writing fiction since childhood, but only recently begun to submit stories for public consumption, and has been published in The Houston Literary ReviewCoppa has two book-length manuscripts nearing completion; one based loosely on her time in West Africa with the Peace Corps, and a second centered around the much more terrifying subject of dating in Los Angeles.

Originally from Texas, Josh DuBose has been living in Los Angeles as a writer/performer for ten years.  In 2011 he was nominated for UCLA’s James Kirkwood Literary Prize and was also published for the first time in Zyzzyva‘s Winter issue. DuBose received the 2012 Peter K. Hixson Memorial Scholarship, awarded byWriter’s Relief, Inc. His work will appear in the upcoming spring issue of Bull: {men’s fiction}.

Scott Fabbro a Los Angeles native, is a motorcycle road-racer, professional racing announcer, rock-and-roll roadie, artist and a builder and restorer of antique carousels. He is a student in the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program and has published articles and stories in Kelp Magazine and the 356 Registry.

Darri Farr was born in Philadelphia. She studied at New York University with Jennifer Egan and has continued, post BA, to take classes at UCLA ExtensionFarr lives in Los Angeles, where she works in photography.

James Gabriel is passionate about enlightening and inspiring people through the art of writing and storytelling. He currently has five complete novels and his current body of work is very healthy. At the completion of his first novel, Cracking CharlieGabriel’s passion and joy accelerated to an unimaginable degree. It is a rare day when he doesn’t write. Gabriel created a one person show with Ernie SilvaHeavy Like the Weight of a Flame, which won several awards and has traveled across the U.S. to New York, London and the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland. He blogcasts at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jamesgabriel.

Mel Toltz is from Sydney, Australia and has contributed as a music journalist to the Australian editions of Rolling Stone and Spin magazines, as well as other publications. She moved to Los Angeles, working as a development executive and script editor on various film and TV projects. Toltz is currently in the Bennington Writing Seminars, the MFA program at Bennington College, Vermont. 

The New Short Fiction Series is a member of the Pasadena Arts Council’s EMERGE Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

Theatre Trailers: what do you think?

To research Saturday’s workshop, I asked for videos created to promote a live performance. Thanks for all your submissions!

Matthew Hill shooting Tony Duran for "Walking the Tightrope" at 24th ST Theatre.
Matthew Hill filming for “Walking the Tightrope”

Please take a look at these and respond in the comments:

1. How would you describe the show in one sentence?

2. Do you want to see this show after watching the video (assuming you’re in their city)?

Thanks so much. It will help contribute to our conversation on Saturday.

Feel free to link to your videos in the comments as well or via twitter. -CMJ

The Vagrancy Theatre Co. presents Down in the Face of God official trailer.

From Director Holly Derr: This was actually made by the playwright and goes with the show, not the theater, but it’s brilliant. It’s a faux-documentary that exists within the world of the play:

Beto O’Byrne sent from Twitter: The Movement Theatre Company Promo Video for Look Upon Their Lowliness:

From Nancy Dobbs Owen We found that the trailer for War Bride worked really well. We created it as a stand alone short film in a way….:

From Adela Kuehn Admittedly I’m biased. I know these guys and have wanted to see this show for years. Two very different trailers (for different stagings) of the same show.


Beowulf Trailer from Banana Bag & Bodice on Vimeo.

#FundingFriday w/ Fund-raiser Michael Kass


April 5 at 11amPT/2pmET

Guest: Michael Kass

Michael Kass
Michael Kass

Michael Kass is an award winning storyteller, writer and actor whose experience ranges from work with folks like Tony Award winning director Mary Zimmerman to telling naughty tales for five drunk guys in a bar. He’s a regular at storytelling venues around Los Angeles like The Moth, Taboo Tales, Spark Off Rose, Storyworthy and others. Ceremony, premiering at the Hollywood Fringe Festival this year, is his first stab at a full length solo performance.

In addition to his creative work, Michael also works with nonprofits to develop strategies for sustainable growth, fundraising and communications. He has been privileged to work with clients including Chicago’s Lookingglass Theatre Company, Pasadena Playhouse and up ‘n coming LA companies like Theatre Dybbuk and Lower Depth Theater Ensemble.
Comment below with questions or to submit yourself as a guest.

#SpaceNerd Hangout

space nerd

Guests of all experience talk about Space

1st Tuesday of every month

Tonight’s topics: Citizen Space, Crowd-funding for Space & Robotics Revolution

Guests: Etta Devine, Dr. Philip Metzger, Libby Norcross & Amy Pillé.

Host: Cindy Marie Jenkins

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We’ll add these during the Broadcast. Comment with your own relevant links!


Mack A. Bradley is the founder and Principal of StandPoint Public Affairs. He has developed a reputation for excellence as a thoughtful strategic partner, specializing in strategic communications, crisis management, public affairs and media relations. His professional focus is on solving complex communications problems through thoughtful planning and considered implementation. His client experience includes Fortune 100 companies, government agencies at the local and regional level, charitable foundations, not-for-profits and religious organizations.

Etta Devine is best known for portraying the eternally optimistic loser Mary Olson in the short film “Girl’s Night Out” which garnered over 1.3 million hits on Youtube and spawned the web series “Mary Olson.”

After graduating from San Francisco State University she moved to Los Angeles  where she became half of the comedy duo “Diani & Devine” with Gabriel Diani. Often compared to “Nichols & May” and “Burns and Allen,” the two have become audience favorites at comedy clubs and festivals all over the country.

She co-produced and co-starred in the award-winning independent film “The Selling,” published the book “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [Robotic Edition],” and is a member of the A2 Ensemble at the Antaeus Theater Company.

phil1Dr. Philip Metzger is a senior research physicist at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where he founded and leads the Granular Mechanics and Regolith Operations Laboratory. He performs research to utilize the soil of extraterrestrial bodies.  He was selected as Kennedy Space Center’s Scientist/Engineer of the Year for 2011.



Houston SCH pic from MichaelLibby Norcross works at an educational space simulator called the Challenger Learning Center, where she wears a flight suit and encourages kids in science and reaching for the future. In her spare time she travels on geeky vacations, takes classes toward another college degree, doodles inspirational posters, and generally spends her time wondering how in the world she gets to have all the experiences she does.

 LEARN MORE about Challenger Center:
 Libby’s job:
Libby’s hobby:
Libby’s tweets:
Amy Pillé (@A_neutron) is a corporate defense attorney practicing in Charleston, SC. She is part of a coordinating counsel team that manages product liability litigation on national, regional and local levels. She is also an avid tech and social media enthusiast, with roots in amateur radio. In what little spare time she has, Amy enjoys sleeping and getting scolded soundly by Abigail, aka Princess Pretty Paws, in the wee hours of the morning. (Shaun, Husband Extraordinaire, often helps out with Abby…no really, our household is basically just a cat entourage…for one cat.)

Watch 1st Broadcast on Space Mining & Citizen Space & See Great Images

May 6th is next #SpaceNerd Broadcast.

Want to join us? Newbies-Experts welcome! Comment below.


Phil Diagram





We are the Explorers, a movie trailer for our space program. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/we-are-the-explorers-a-movie-trailer-for-our-space-program


30 days left. $43,485 out of $33,000 goal.  132% and still going!




Liftport Space Elevator Science. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/michaellaine/space-elevator-science-climb-to-the-sky-a-tethered


Complete.  $110,353 out of $8,000 goal.  1,379% wow!




The Edge and Back; 6th graders send a camera to near-orbit. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/scifres/the-edge-and-back?ref=yir2012


Complete.  $5,100 out of $3,600 goal. 142%




Final Frontier designs spacesuit for the commercial space industry. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/872281861/final-frontier-designs-3g-space-suit?ref=yir2012


Complete.  $27,632 out of $20,000 goal. 138%




Sending 1000 student projects to the edge of space (experiments and projects are made by kindergartners, university professors, high school science classes and home schools kids) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1569698176/1000-student-projects-to-the-edge-of-space?ref=yir2012


Complete.  $12,466 out of $9,000 goal. 139%




Uwingu  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/uwingu-a-new-way-to-fund-space-exploration-research-and-education


Complete, $79,896 out of $75,000 goal. 107%




National Space Society  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/we-are-the-explorers-a-movie-trailer-for-our-space-program


Complete, $43,225 out of $33,000 goal. 131%




StarForge, a game about gathering resources, building bases, crafting anything you want, and surviving on an alien planet.http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/starforge


Complete.  $135,453 out of $75,000 goal. 181%




DIY Space Capsule Tycho Deep Space II http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/diy-space-capsule-tycho-deep-space-ii


Complete. $10,765 out of $10,000 goal. 108%




Send an Artist to Space University  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/send-an-artist-to-space-university


Complete.  $1,705 of $1,500 goal. 114%




Tweets in Space, beaming tweets toward possible life-supporting exoplanets.  http://www.rockethub.com/7291#description-tab


Complete.  $8,739 out of $8,500 goal. 103%




Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project. http://www.rockethub.com/projects/14882-lunar-orbiter-image-recovery-project


Complete. $62,585 out of $70,500. 89%. (not 100%, but still pretty good!)




Still on-going:




Golden Spike  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/golden-spike-is-sending-nations-and-people-to-the-moon-join-in


23 days left.  $9,317 out of $240,000 goal.  Has a new strategy to achieve goal, with 50 coordinators (one in each state or nation), each raising just $5000.




Stott Space  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lets-make-a-space-movement


7 days left, $451 out of $100,000 goal.




Ignite Passion in kids about STEM and Space: Soyuz Space Launch Adventure.  http://www.rockethub.com/projects/22119-ignite-passion-in-kids-about-stem-and-space-soyuz-space-launch-adventure


46 days left.  $5,385 out of $35,000 goal.




Not as successful as hoped:




Kansas City Space Pirates laser powered flight experiment  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dawn-of-laser-powered-flight?website_name=KCSP


Complete. $2,492 of $6,000 goal. 42%.




Project NOVA, sending a weather balloon to the edge of space.  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/project-nova


Complete.  $315 out of $800 goal. 39%




MAN ON THE MOON exhibit at Space Center Houston. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1000925937/moonbug-0


Complete.  $10,896 out of $30,000 goal. 36%




The Hubble Roadshow is an event series, http://www.rockethub.com/projects/11188-the-hubble-roadshow


Complete.  $6,080 out of estimated $55,000 goal.  11% (percentage given by online widget)




Remote control orbital spacecraft.  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/join-the-remote-controlled-spacecraft-mission


Complete.  $688 out of $45,000 goal. 2%




Shackleton Energy Company http://www.rockethub.com/projects/3822-shackleton-energy-companypropellant-depots


Complete, $5,517 raised out of $1,200,000 goal. 0.5%




Canadian Air and Space Museum http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-new-canadian-air-space-museum


Complete.  $23,939 of $500,000 goal. 5%




Shackleton Crater lunar colonization strategy game http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/470015043/shackleton-crater?ref=discover_pop


Canceled about ½ through. $27,460 out of $700,000 goal. 4% when canceled.




Spacepoints, developing an online community to share space news and excitement. http://www.rockethub.com/projects/10943-support-space-outreach-at-ludicrous-speeds


Complete.  $190 out of (approx?) $10,000 goal. 2% (percentage reported by online widget)




SpaceOps, build a space capsule.  http://www.rockethub.com/projects/11042-put-the-usa-back-in-space-today


Complete.  $210. Goal somewhere in $20,000 range.  Reported as 1% per widget.




SHAAKE Mission – CSDC@YorkU, design and build a small satellite.  http://www.rockethub.com/projects/6569-shaake-mission-csdc-yorku


Complete.  $200. Goal somewhere in $20,000 range.  Reported as 1% per widget.




Arc Light-High Altitude Balloon Project. http://www.rockethub.com/projects/6022-arc-light-high-altitude-balloon-project


Complete. $60 out of approx. $500 goal. 12%




1st Vehicle Racing Championship on the Moon, preparing the 1st Vehicle Racing Championship on the Moon.http://www.rockethub.com/projects/11734-1st-vehicle-racing-championship-on-the-moon


Complete. $10. Goal estimated $1000. 1% per widget.



Boot Camp for Space Entrepreneurs.  http://www.rockethub.com/projects/11843-crowdfund-boot-camp-for-space-entrepreneurs


Complete.  $240. Goal in $10,000 range.  2% per widget.




Note:  Planetary Resources was in the news in June and July of 2012 that they were considering a Kickstarter Campaign, but they never did initiate one.




Movies that are maybe not so much related to promoting space:


Rocketship Misfits, a movie about a young man who struggles to hide his past from those that depend on him in a nation-wide space shuttle prototype competition.  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rocketship-misfits


Complete. $2,500 out of $5,000 goal.


Rocket Men, a movie about two middle-aged men who try to build a homemade rocket and travel to space. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rocket-men


Complete.  $3,500 out of $3,500 goal.




#FundingFriday Round-Up

I am on the radio and on the road today, so no #FundingFriday Broadcast. Here are some campaigns to review while I’m gone:

Sponsor LA LA Land Talk Season 3

The Indy Convergence 2013

The 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival – H/T to Kan Mattoo

Or donate to Abbie’s page on the same campaign

Or watch last week’s broadcast with Hello,Sweetie! & read about an Interactive Light Art Show in Alabama.

Brown and Out in Dublin – Send gay Latinos/as to Ireland. For Theater!  H/T Cassandra Davis

We are the explorers: a movie trailer for our space program H/T  Jay O’Balles “Since the sequester is anticipated, NASA is getting their funding cut for education, marketing, and awareness. Without this, they can’t appeal to the public to tell their congress critters to leave more in the budget for NASA.”


A reading of all of Shakespeare’s plays… in a row!
H/T Winnie Lok

See you next week!

Outreach Nerd Broadcast updates

The past few months have been an experiment with G+ Broadcasts. Their purpose is to connect new audience with indie artists, but the same old methods of interviews aren’t doing the trick.

Imagine that. So I’m changing it up!

Out of all of the broadcasts I tried, here is what has survived – all in a slightly new form:

Outreach Nerd – TUESDAYSbuddha

1st Tuesday/month 7pmPT/10pmET: #SpaceNerd

All levels of expertise or newbies in one Hangout to catch up on Space News

2nd Tuesday/month, time TBA: #OutreachNerd 

Useful Outreach tips & examples of people/orgs doing it right

3rd Tuesday/month, 10amPT/1pmET: #MediaNerds

Co-Hosts Etta Devine & Caroline Sharp join me to discuss how the media we consume affects individuals & society. Formerly the Bechdel Test Talks.

-4th Tuesday/month, time TBA: Outreach Nerd w/ Special Guest 

Web Series Watch* & Live Streams – WEDNESDAYS

Upon request & monthly at East LA Rep’s By Appointment

*Be sure to follow this new series, which has its own site/channel. Co-hort Patty Jean Robinson & I dig deeply into the web series world & bring you our picks!

#FundingFridays – FRIDAYS

Guests will now include Fund-raising/Crowd-funding experts, paired with artists who’ve run successful campaigns.

Have a campaign to promote? You can join the Broadcast, ask your questions of the experts & plug your project at same time.

In-between, you’ll see new outreach-related works, but this is the new regular schedule.

Want to be a guest or have questions? Comment below & I’ll reply within 48 hours.

#FundingFriday : Podcasts & Light Art

Paint the Town Red 2013 & Hello,Sweetie! Podcast


Fri at NoonPT/3ET

Hello, Sweetie!

While we tackle technical difficulties (finding wifi in a storm), read about Aron’s Interactive Light Show below!

Hello,Sweetie! Podcast wants to take our all-female geek-themed podcast to comic cons to expand our audience and our mission to empower female geeks everywhere! Find out more here.

Also this week, Aron tells us about his project:

Third Thursday 1Interactive Light Art — Paint the Town Red 2013

CMJ: Can you explain your project in one sentence?
 AA: This is a visual experience bringing large-scale light art to the hands and creative minds of ordinary people, inviting the audience to become and create the spectacle of the installation.
CMJ: Why are you bringing this to your hometown and what do you hope to unleash?
AA:  I’ve been following Paint the Town Red for several years and have been very excited at the amazing art it has consistently brought to Birmingham. I left Alabama to learn and discover new things, and am really excited to return and give back to the community that so deeply influenced my artistic roots. I’m really looking forward to seeing the spirit of the community emerge from the works they’ll create in light on the brick of downtown Birmingham.
CMJ: How does this project fit into your overall art & life goals?Laser Graffiti 2
AA: I’ve always been fascinated and obsessed with light as a medium — I was trained very early on by my photographer father to see and feel light, and ever since it’s been a constant for me. This takes that to a new level, creating works of art from pixels and projections. I love the idea of completely breaking down the traditional “fourth wall” of performance art and turning the whole thing on its head so that the audience becomes the performance. Working with interactive art and technology like this, that’s what it’s all about.
CMJ: What’s the coolest perk you’re offering: the one you would choose if you could!

AA: Personally, I would go for the perk where you get to choose a facial hair style for me to sport. I’d get a few people together and come up with some crazy tye-dyed fu manchu idea. Aside from that one, the behind the scenes short should be pretty cool too!

Walkin’ in LA Panel at SAG Foundation

UPDATE: Hear Ed Begley Jr. speak about the event last night on News Conference with Conan Nolan.  He records it tomorrow [Friday, April 5th] and it will air Sunday [April 7] 9 a.m. following “Meet the Press” and 11:35 p.m. following the news.

I’m honored that Dennis Baker asked me to speak on this panel.

SAG-Aftra or Actors Equity members can attend and anyone can watch the live-stream!


Event Type: LifeRaft
Title: Walkin’ in LA
For National Walk Day the panel will cover topics that include alternate transportation and living local in LA.
Date: Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: SAG Foundation Actors Center
5757 Wilshire Blvd, Mezzanine
Los Angeles
(free validated parking)Check in: 6:30 PM
Event Rules:
In celebration of National Walk Day this panel will cover topics that include alternate transportation and the benefits of local living within Los Angeles. The goal of this panel is to educate current (and future) LA residents on the various living areas within the greater Los Angeles area and share about what makes where they live unique and interesting. Panelists will share their experiences of going car-free and provide topics in how to integrate alternate transportation methods into your daily life.Meet the Panelists:Ed Begley Jr. has been considered an environmental leader in the Hollywood community for many years. He serves on the boards of Green Wish, the Coalition For Clean Air, The Thoreau Institute and the advisory board of the Union Of Concerned Scientists. He’s also active with many other organizations. Ed’s work has earned him a number of awards from some of the most prestigious environmental groups in the nation, including the California League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Coalition for Clean Air, Heal the Bay, Santa Monica Baykeeper and the Cesar Chavez Foundation. He currently lives near Los Angeles, in a self-sufficient home powered by solar energy. Follow the progress on his new, Platinum LEED-certified home at OnBegleyStreet.com.Enci Box is an actor and urban cyclist who co-founded the organization illuminateLA, as well as a board member of the 501(c)4 Bikeside. The past few years she has worked as stage manager and stage technician, and also co-produced and produced stage plays. She organized several Bicycle ADventures as well as Metro ADventures. From 2006 to 2008 she was on the board of Women In Theatre. Now she is on the SAG Conservatory Committee, the SAG On-Line Task Force Committee, the CalTrans 7 Bicycle Advisory Committee and The Bike Writers Collective.Cindy Marie Jenkins is a Storyteller/Outreach Nerd specializing in training communities and artists to connect with their potential audience. She often guests on podcasts, web shows & contributes to community websites on the topics of outreach and marketing. While Outreach Chair of the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council, Cindy branded the neighborhood and contributed to Atwater Village Now, introducing an evolving community to artists moving into the neighborhood. She curates arts shows on You Tube and co-hosts the weekly Web Series Watch. Currently Outreach/Marketing Director for 24th STreet Theatre & Outreach/Social Media Consultant for The Help Group). Cindy serves on the Steering Committee of  Directors Lab West and was Social Media Strategist for ARTmageddon, a city-wide festival giving a positive spin to CARmageddon in 2012. Cindy was one of the arts advocates who created the #LAthtr hashtag in 2010 to unify the Los Angeles theatre. She’s been car-free since 2010 and although born and bred on the East Coast, Cindy loves our Los Angeles sprawl.Cathy Reinking is a native Angeleno and has been working as a Casting Director since the early ’90s, working on “Frasier,” “Arrested Development” “According to Jim,” and countless other shows, pilots, films, web series, commercials, plays – you name the genre, she has cast it. She also served as NBC’s Manager of Casting and holds a degree in theatre arts from UCLA, where she graduated magna cum laude. She just recently left her two year stint as the Casting Director and Rights Associate for L.A. Theatre Works, which produces 10 live shows and upwards of 5 “in-studio” recordings of plays a year. She recently published the second edition of her book, “How To Book Acting Jobs in TV and Film: The Truth About the Acting Industry – Conversations with a Veteran Hollywood Casting Director,” which is available on Amazon and iTunes. She has been carless by choice in LA since November 2011. And has lived in several other cities during the last decade without a vehicle. She bikes, rides the bus, takes the very occasional taxi, and hardly ever asks for rides.

Alissa Walker writes about design, architecture, cities, transportation and walking for publications like Dwell, Fast Company, GOOD, Wired, Details, LA Weekly and the Los Angeles Times, and is an associate producer for the KCRW public radio show DnA: Design and Architecture. In 2010 she was named a USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Fellow for her writing on design and urbanism, and in 2011 she was awarded an ArtPlace grant for the initiative GOOD Ideas for Cities, where creatives propose solutions to urban problems proposed by city leaders, and present their ideas at lively public forums. Alissa lives in a royal blue house in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles where she throws ice cream socials, tends to a drought-tolerant garden, writes infrequently on her blog, awalkerinLA.com, and has been relishing life in L.A. without a car since 2006. Follow her at @gelatobaby

Moderator – Stephen Box (Acting Senior Project Coordinator, Department of Neighborhood Empowerment)

***This event will be Live Streamed.*** To watch the panel you DO NOT have to log into our website. Just go to http://www.sagfoundation.org/videogallery/livestream.

Email questions to LiveStream@sagfoundation.org or tweet to #SAGF.

Please DO NOT RSVP if you will be watching the live stream of this event. Only RSVP if you want to attend this event in person.

If you would like to attend this event in person you must RSVP as seats are limited.

Learn about Outreach or Social Media Workshops I run

Media Nerds: Ep1

For some months, Etta Devine, Caroline Sharp & myself have centered talks on media and society around the Bechdel Test. To expand the discussion, we invite you to join us on the 3rd Tuesday of ever month for the new show:


How does the media we consume shape us as individuals and as a society? 

Caroline Sharp
Caroline Sharp

Etta Devine
Etta Devine
Outreach Nerd, Bechdel Test Talks, Funding Fridays, Stories on the Go
Cindy Marie Jenkins

Caroline’s Pick: AFI’s Directing workshop for Women

Cindy’s Pick: The Bitch Pack

Etta’s Pick (launching May 6th): Ms. in the Biz

NEXT SHOW: Tuesday, April 16th 10amPT/1pmET

Hidden Barriers to Entry