Event: Making Life Work as a Work-at-Home Parent

If you are a work-at-home-parent, considering it, or as an employer want to keep your hiring options open, please join us!

Making Life Work as a Work-at-Home Parent

Thursday, Sept. 25 (1-2:30pm)

At 24th ST Theatre, 1117 W. 24th ST, LA 90007 (corner of Hoover & 24th ST) Map.

Join the Facebook event for updates.

We are everywhere now: the Work-At-Home Mom or Dad. Technology has created room for working remotely unheard of just a decade ago. It may seem ideal, but really just creates its own unique challenges. Round-table with guests will include questions and comments from all attendees as well.

Use #WAHParent to join the conversation from home. And yes, children welcome!

*How can you transition from freelance/office hours to working around a child’s schedule?
*How to communicate client expectations without making excuses?
*How to create an office area flexible enough to also balance parenting activities?
*Where to find local activities that allow you to relax or work without your child, and ones that give you the time to focus on them away from work? (Also a handout)
*How to address breastfeeding during meetings
*Should your small budget go towards a babysitter or assistant?
*All this, and quality time with your partner, too?

Round table Guests include:

Lisa Cassandra  is an actor, grant writer/development consultant, and copy editor, as well as an entrepreneur with her own health and wellness business. She also conceived and directed the children’s short documentary film, The Jackson Pollock Project. She does all this as a single mom around a teenage daughter and son. Mostly she’s exhausted.

Róisín  Ching is a Speech Language Pathologist, parent educator, and co-owner of Echo Speech Therapy. She and her 14-month-old son are currently cataloging the hiding places of all the cats on their block.

Deepti Gupta  an actress, voice over artist and producer, recorded her first audiobook when 7 months pregnant, in a make-shift booth of blankets and towels, in the hot month of June. Now, a mom of a toddler, she’s recording audiobooks from her professional booth at home and learning to strike the balance with work and family on a daily basis. www.deeptigupta.com

Tish Hicks is an LA Voiceover veteran who runs The V.O. Dojo, a training, networking and resource center connecting voiceover actors of all levels

Diana Kohne Kenny is a visual artist who shows new work several times a year, a mom with an active toddler, and in between runs Art Cricket LA, a new business that connects people to local art.

Jessica Ires Morris tries to fit acting, raising a one year old and working remotely for a financial consulting firm into her life and her home. Each area benefits and suffers from the others.

Steven Wasserman has worked on numerous independent productions as director, producer, cinematographer, editor and writer. His work has been featured in numerous international film festivals and broadcast nationally on cable television, and CEO of Hachitan Entertainment, specializing in Creative Production of Film & Video content for broadcast, marketing and entertainment.

Moderated by Cindy Marie Jenkins, Storyteller and Outreach Nerd, Communications Director @24thST Theatre. A workaholic () who loves being a new mother  . What could go wrong? Adventures of Lil’ Pirate Dude chronicled @parentingnerd.

RSVP by emailing cindy@24thstreet.org

Sponsored & Hosted by 24th ST Theatre24th st

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