More Promo Videos?

Continuing this fascinating conversation  (happening mostly on Google+ & Facebook. I found this video today and wonder what you think:

The Day Shall Declare It | Bush Theatre from Wilderness on Vimeo.

One thought on “More Promo Videos?”

  1. 1. An immersive, site-specific mash-up of Stud Terkel’s “Working” and a bunch of Tenessee William’s one-acts with a poetic movement score.
    2. YES, I would see it – assuming I’m in the city.

    ….interesting to note that the interview portion (instead of it merely being a montage from the show or press quotes) helped give me the words with which to describe what it’s about. This could be helpful, perhaps key to facilitating word-of-mouth marketing… give your audience the words to describe your show.

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