Theatre Trailers: what do you think?

To research Saturday’s workshop, I asked for videos created to promote a live performance. Thanks for all your submissions!

Matthew Hill shooting Tony Duran for "Walking the Tightrope" at 24th ST Theatre.

Matthew Hill filming for “Walking the Tightrope”

Please take a look at these and respond in the comments:

1. How would you describe the show in one sentence?

2. Do you want to see this show after watching the video (assuming you’re in their city)?

Thanks so much. It will help contribute to our conversation on Saturday.

Feel free to link to your videos in the comments as well or via twitter. -CMJ

The Vagrancy Theatre Co. presents Down in the Face of God official trailer.

From Director Holly Derr: This was actually made by the playwright and goes with the show, not the theater, but it’s brilliant. It’s a faux-documentary that exists within the world of the play:

Beto O’Byrne sent from Twitter: The Movement Theatre Company Promo Video for Look Upon Their Lowliness:

From Nancy Dobbs Owen We found that the trailer for War Bride worked really well. We created it as a stand alone short film in a way….:

From Adela Kuehn Admittedly I’m biased. I know these guys and have wanted to see this show for years. Two very different trailers (for different stagings) of the same show.


Beowulf Trailer from Banana Bag & Bodice on Vimeo.


  1. Down in the Face of God
    1. It looks like a zombie apocalypse action thriller with dance.
    2. Probably not. It was a little too vague.

    Vera Stark
    1. Glamorous star goes missing
    2. Not sure. The video was quite long.

    Look Upon Our Lowliness
    1. A gay man struggling between his identity and his religion
    2. I think so. The video was quick and effective.

    War Bride
    1. A woman folds a thousand paper cranes and wishes for her husband from an arranged marriage to die.
    2. Probably not.

    Beowulf I
    1. A contemporary rock musical adaptation of Beowulf
    2. Heck YES! Actually, I’d seen this video before and wanted to see it. But never had the chance.

    Beowulf II
    1. An epic adventure staged as a stand up comedy/variety show.
    2. The other trailer seemed a little more exciting, so I’d rather see that one.

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  3. Down in the face of god
    1. Things go awry at post apocalyptic summer camp, expressed through modern dance.
    2. Was not sure if this was for a play, a short film or what. Got a vibe. Piqued my interest. Not sure if it’s up my alley subject matter wise.

    Vera Stark
    1. the unsolved mystery of performer Vera Stark
    2. Too long for something I don’t already have an interest in. If I’d already seen the play or had some context, would have been more excited to commit to an almost 10 min video.

    Look Upon
    1. lovers and friends remember a friend through his impact on their lives
    2. probably

    War Bride
    1. A woman folds a thousand paper cranes to wish for a murder or her own death?
    2. yes. sets up the premise of the play well. great length.
    (full disclosure: I already wanted to see this play before seeing this trailer)

    Beowulf I
    1. a modern rock opera-esque staging of Beowulf
    2. probably. loved the pacing of the trailer. I’m a sucker for good reviews, so if you have em, include em! The reviews were actually more of a deciding factor for me even though the show looked really fun from the clips.

    Beowulf 2
    1. a band tells the story of Beowulf
    2. because I saw some of the same actors, I realized this was the same show as beowulf 1. The beowulf 1 looks more like a play and beowulf 2 looks more like a beowulf themed band…? I’d def want to see Beowulf more from trailer 1.

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