Space Nerd Hangout:

space nerd

Guests of all experience talk about Space

1st Tuesday of every month

Tonight’s topics: Citizen Exploration & Space Mining

Guests: Mack A. Bradley, Bill Dunford, Dr. Philip Metzger, Libby Norcross & Amy Pillé.

Host: Cindy Marie Jenkins

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Another source: Download the Universe: A Discerning Curator for Science eBooks (MB) (BD)

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 (MB)

Lunabotics Mining Competition (PM) A Directory of ways to explore space exploration


Mack A. Bradley is the founder and Principal of StandPoint Public Affairs. He has developed a reputation for excellence as a thoughtful strategic partner, specializing in strategic communications, crisis management, public affairs and media relations. His professional focus is on solving complex communications problems through thoughtful planning and considered implementation. His client experience includes Fortune 100 companies, government agencies at the local and regional level, charitable foundations, not-for-profits and religious organizations.

Bill Dunford Robotic spacecraft are exploring the skies. You can ride along. Saddle up at

phil1Dr. Philip Metzger is a senior research physicist at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where he founded and leads the Granular Mechanics and Regolith Operations Laboratory. He performs research to utilize the soil of extraterrestrial bodies.  He was selected as Kennedy Space Center’s Scientist/Engineer of the Year for 2011.


Houston SCH pic from MichaelLibby Norcross works at an educational space simulator called the Challenger Learning Center, where she wears a flight suit and encourages kids in science and reaching for the future. In her spare time she travels on geeky vacations, takes classes toward another college degree, doodles inspirational posters, and generally spends her time wondering how in the world she gets to have all the experiences she does.

 LEARN MORE about Challenger Center:
 Libby’s job:
Libby’s hobby:
Libby’s tweets:
Amy Pillé (@A_neutron) is a corporate defense attorney practicing in Charleston, SC. She is part of a coordinating counsel team that manages product liability litigation on national, regional and local levels. She is also an avid tech and social media enthusiast, with roots in amateur radio. In what little spare time she has, Amy enjoys sleeping and getting scolded soundly by Abigail, aka Princess Pretty Paws, in the wee hours of the morning. (Shaun, Husband Extraordinaire, often helps out with Abby…no really, our household is basically just a cat entourage…for one cat.)


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  2. Out-of-this-world discussion! I’d love to dig more into space mining, the economic benefits and social implications, along with the international cooperation required to prevent conflict and promote the safe and peaceful use of space.

  3. philtill777 says:

    It was a fun conversation. I loved hearing about the citizen exploration activities that everybody has going on. It’s really important to keep developing those, because space belongs to everyone.

  4. I was just sitting down to compile a list of links that we talked about, then I came back here and saw that Cindy was way ahead of me.

    Here are a few more:

    Official NASA Social info
    – My experience at socials for the Mars Curiosity launch and a tour of the Goldstone deep space communications complex
    VEGGIE space station greenhouse and this picture
    Enceladus geysers

    Amy, what was the “razor” you were referring to?

    Thanks again, everyone!

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