Drop into a Free Social Marketing Workshop

Most self-producers do it to get their work out there – so how can you  reach audiences beyond your friends and family?DSCN9326

Mon Feb 11 (7-7:30pmPT) 

Social Marketing Broadcast*

FREE! See if these workshops are a good fit.

I’ll review all the workshops & give at least one takeaway for each topic. Send your questions via the comments or @OutreachNerd.

Also RSVP on Facebook for insider tips.

UPDATE 8:30pm: Thanks to everyone who asked questions! That’s Alice from Project1979, Tim Keaty from Surfing Aliens, Scott Marden from Will Play For Food, Asmara Bhattacharya from Cypress Philharmonic.

I’m available for follow-up 30 minutes after the Broadcast ends via twitter or just comment below

Theatre Asylum is excited to present the Social Media Boot-Camps  with Outreach Nerd, Cindy Marie Jenkins. Learn how to turn your team into effective promoters, hone your pitch to the press, write a marketing strategy using your talents and create brand ambassadors to increase word-of-mouth. Cindy Marie Jenkins will run the interactive workshops, giving useful takeaways regardless of your budget or manpower.

*The Fine Print: Opinions expressed are my own & not representative of any clients: past, present or future.

I use many brands for examples but do not necessarily endorse any one over the other.

Have fun!


  1. QUESTION from Tim Keaty of Surfing Aliens (http://surfingaliens.com/):
    What’s the difference in promoting on Different Social Networks?

    ANSWER: Different networks give you a unique opportunity to find and cultivate new audiences regardless of their lifestyle. It also allows you to be more creative with your posts. Here is an example from my client 24th ST Theatre:

    Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/24thST ) is GREAT for people who are already interested in us. Except for the occasional Share —> Like, most people who follow us here have a vested interest, so I focus on making them feel included, excited & part of the family. HOW I do that is a whole other workshop!

    Twitter ( https://twitter.com/24thST ) is where I focus on our brand and building community while cultivating more. People usually love our space on 24th & Hoover, so when I’m there I do everything I can to make them feel like they are there, too: pictures, quotes, videos, behind the scenes. I do my fair share of “read this please” or “come to the show,” but more often than not, those tweets are hidden within the fun content.
    I also give links to all the ticket discounts via Twitter & Pinterest. Only one is on Facebook, and that is to encourage people to share this photo: http://bit.ly/UmbrellaDiscount

    Pinterest ( http://pinterest.com/24thstreet/ ) is purely to give the experience, find the people who want & need what we offer: family-friendly theatre that adults can enjoy just as much, a collection of our current obsessions (see “The Fool” & “Dia de los Muertos” Boards.
    Also, here is where I collect the discounted ticket sold through third parties. It is more fun than bookmarks and gives our Pinning friends a special treat!

    These may not be exactly right for you or your brand, but good steps towards understanding the different networks. Some may be right for you and some networks might not be where your audience lives.

    More in a few minutes!

  2. QUESTION from Asmara Bhattacharya @hotpinkstreak
    Tips on growing Followers 4 nonprofit symphony while projecting prof. demeanor & not sending repetitive @ replies?

    ANSWER: I addressed this a bit in the broadcast, but that’s why we have a whole workshop on Using Twitter to Find Audiences! It takes that long to really know the best use. Here are 3 tips:
    1. You can venture off topic while staying on brand. (You don’t have to talk to musicians all the time – and you shouldn’t. What are themes of the music you’ll present? Find people interested in those stories and tweet quotes, inspirations, images surrounding your themes.
    2. Use Twitter as a strong research tool: find interested parties, then visit their blogs & comment there. Or @ to them and say how much you liked this certain blog about this or that. Make sure you actually read the blog and have something to say.
    3. Find your mentors & idols in your industry. When people do this, they usually follow who that account is following. I find success in the exact opposite: follow the people who are following your industry mentors.

    Okay, that is it for now. RSVP Yes on Facebook to get the notes from the Broadcast tonight. Thanks for jumping in with a question! http://on.fb.me/WY222A

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